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Four Saints Bandwagon

ABV 6.1
IBU 30
Source Hickory, NC
Delivered from Craft Beer Cellar Hickory
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Product Description

Jumping on the bandwagon is oftentimes seen as a negative thing. Sometimes, though, it can be fun to ride a trend for a minute. Sometimes those trends become more than trends and transcend to a standard. Think about black IPAs five years ago. Is that what the New England IPA will become? Who knows? What we do know is this: Our Bandwagon New England IPA is loaded up with immense dry hop additions including Amarillo Gold, Citra, El Dorado, and Nugget hops. Hop aroma like you wouldn't believe! Juicy citrus character for days. The addition of torrified wheat and naked oats provide the deep haze that is a signature character of the New England IPA style. So, join the parade and jump on board with a Bandwagon New England IPA. It may not last forever, so enjoy while it's here.