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Steinbock 3d proof

Fonta Flora Steinbock

ABV 8.1
Style Steinbier
Source Hickory, NC
Delivered from Craft Beer Cellar Hickory
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Product Description

This is steinbier: a very old way of brewing beer. Back before metal vessels, wooden vats were used in the brewing process. As you can’t apply direct heat to wood, hot rocks were used to heat the wort. We gathered granite rocks from a local quarry & used local oak & cherry wood for fuel, using a technique learned from our forever friends at Scratch.

Composed of a grist build of 100% local grains from our friends at Riverbend Malt House of Asheville, we journeyed far into lager land. Utilizing the hot rocks to boil the wort, we achieved a mind-bending amount of caramelization and color.
Inspired by the gloriously malty dopplebock, this steinbock will ferment cool and condition cold for a long time. Precisely the way lagers are intended!