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Burial Glory is Goldenbock

IBU 30
Style Hellesbock
Source Hickory, NC
Delivered from Craft Beer Cellar Hickory
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Product Description

Glory is a destination for those who follow the gospel. It gives a hearkened voice to the apostles of beverage, those who remind us that taste is an amalgamation of tradition and revival. So we got together with our friends down on the river at Zilicoah Beer Co., to forge an often drinkable, yet full-flavored lager. Inspired by the Hellesbock-styled golden lagers of Germany, we decided to tip a hat to the regional American brewers that breathed new life into those styles in the new world. Glory Is was made from German barley, noble hops, and forged through a full decoction before lagering to crystalline perfection. Fully aged. Never Sacrificed.